The Wieghorst Western Heritage Center is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of the art and heritage of the American West.


The Vision of the Wieghorst Western Heritage Center is to be a premier institution that contributes to the understanding and appreciation of the early American West through educational and cultural programs, community events and historical exhibits.


To interpret and share the art, life and legacy of the late “Dean of Western Painters” and El Cajon resident, Olaf Wieghorst.

To foster interest and understanding about the culture, history, and tradition of the American West.

To provide programs and presentations that explore the art, culture and ethics of the builders of the American West – the Cowboys, the American Indians, the Cavalry, the Charros, the Mountain Men, and the Pioneers.

To ensure that current and future generations will have access to Western culture through art and artifact collections in our gallery and the Olaf Wieghorst Historic Home.

To provide a venue for artists of the Western genre, both performing and visual, to showcase their art.

To provide educators and students with Western Heritage curricula through a comprehensive outreach program.

To foster cooperative programs with other organizations and institutions.