December Newsletter

As 2016 comes to a close I reflect back on what was accomplished this year and look ahead toward our goals for next year. The year opened with a final few weeks of the “Olaf Retrospective of Oils” loaned to the Museum for a three month exhibit. Even though this exhibit contained art loaned from several sources, the majority of the oils were from the private collection of Roy and Barbara Wieghorst This was the first time their collection of art was provided for public viewing, and I hope many of you had the opportunity to see and enjoy it. With this collection on display, we realized that in order to retain the legacy of Olaf Wieghorst in El Cajon, and the future of the Museum, we would eventually need to bring the Wieghorst collection back on a permanent basis. One of our more important accomplishments this past year was to work out an arrangement with Roy and Barbara Wieghorst, to gift their private collection of Olaf’s art to the Museum, a few pieces a year over the next several years. Thank you to Roy and Barbara for the generous gift and to Ross Provence, Lynn Endicott, and Jim Daniels for working on the project.

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