April 2017 Newsletter

As we move into 2017 much has happened and will be happening at the Museum. As I had mentioned in the previous newsletter we were expecting to receive a few pieces of Olaf Wieghorst original art a year as a gift from Roy and Barbra Wieghorst. Instead they gifted over 50 pieces of Olaf’s original work to the Museum at years’ end. Currently most of these items are on display in the back gallery and are well worth seeing. Pieces will rotate periodically to refresh the exhibit. Thank you again to Roy and Barbara Wieghorst for their generous gift and facilitating our efforts to promote Olaf’s art legacy as a resident of El Cajon.

The Ghost Riders fundraising campaign from last fall was a much-needed success. The phantom event on October 32nd went off without a hitch and clean-up was virtually nonexistent. As a matter of fact, I vaguely recall what happened. The important part is the Museum netted $14,500 of much needed funding. Thank you to Karen Gabsch who created the event, my sister Cyndy Stauffer who designed and donated the invitations and last but not least all of you who participated as contributors. All donations are very much valued and are essential for keeping the Museum open and operating.

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